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We never tried it. Trying it with each other usually didn't work all too well so we did it by ourselves. It is something you'll have to decide if you want to try or not. I"m not seeing any differences. What gives? It can take a while. From hearing other people experiences, the more emotion you put into the push, the better results. I've been noticing people who just want to "see how it goes" have a harder time at first, than someone who has a very passionate reason to jump, like a sick family member or trying to fix something.

Bigger jumps or smaller jumps It's really better to take a bunch of mini jumps than a bigger jump. If you jump the first time thinking you're going to go into a dimension to fight robotic Hitler, think again. Let's say you're goal is money. It's better to jump for small changes, like a promotion at work, than a raise, than a higher promotion, etc.