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And lastly, New York's Examiner. The only part of the Flat Belly Diet that gives me pause is its assertion that eating monounsaturated fatty acids specifically targets belly fat; unfortunately, many people may purchase this book under the false impression that the exercises and meals in it are designed especially for decreasing their tummy girth.

Trim 'n' Slim: Eat Your Way to Weight Loss!

A good deal of research has gone into stomach-shrinking methods, and they universally find that, while eating less and exercising decreases the fat in your body OVERALL, you can't just target one area alone. You'll lose weight and inches from your stomach, in other words, but you'll lose it from everywhere else too, and possibly not quite in the proportions you had wished. And no amount of stomach crunches will burn fat only in your stomach. You'll develop some kicking stomach muscles and burn fat all over your body, but not just in your stomach.

News U. Plan 'cheat' meals, social events and meals out in advance. Are you unaware of, or do you not pay attention to, what you eat? Do you snack while watching TV? If you are working out, this needs to be documented. Click for more from The Sun.

The Metabolism Whisperer: Eat More and Lose Weight, Pt 1

Based on your reaction, you'll know if you should cut back. After all, food is supposed to make you feel great — and any woman who doesn't diet knows that. Healthy eating is never boring if you're jazzing up your meals with herbs and spices.

Lose Weight - Lose Belly Fat - How To Lose Belly Fat

They amplify any dish's flavor and replace fat while still being just as satisfying, says research from the University of Colorado in Denver. And adding spices like red pepper flakes and cayenne has been shown to boost metabolism , helping you burn a few extra calories from your meal. So add a dash of smoked paprika in place of butter on steamed broccoli. Rather than plain roasted chicken breast, sprinkle on a variety of dried herbs, garlic powder, and chili flakes.

Bon appetit! There's a huge difference between how your body uses 1, calories of junk food and 1, calories of whole foods, says Heiser. Getting wrapped up in calorie counts could make you deny yourself calorie-dense, yet nutritious, foods like fatty fish, avocado, oils like olive and coconut, nuts, and dark chocolate. Focus on filling your plate with real foods with an emphasis on protein fish, chicken, tofu , vegetables, and a source of healthy fat.