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Actually I'm a bit lazy , though I bought my own apartment I' m still can't leave my parents. I stick with them. When I was younger I have always imagined myself to live alone as a student and my friends come over to see me. So there weren't my parents around to tell what to do and what not to do. After I bought my own apartment I was thinking of being independent and leaving my parents, but It never happened because I have never tried to get it.

Living with your parents and living alone each one has some benefits. When I live with my parents I always have hot food and I don't need to cook myself. They take care of me and I should take care of them. They interfere in my business and steadily tell me what is right and what is wrong. On the other hand if I live alone there is no one to tell me what to do and what not to do. I can be independent. I can grow up. It could be difficult but it totally worth it.

I definetly prefer to live on my own. I had to live with my parent and an older brothe in one bedroom appartment untill 17 yers old. After that I became a stdent and lived in a dorm for 5 yers sharing a room with four other stdents. It was fun but I was waiting with anticipation that time when I could stay in peace and quiet. When I mooved home from the dorm I lived alone for two years. I didn't even have a Tv, I got a fish tank insted this is when I really striked a balance. All these house chores are nothing because when you live alone there is almost nothing to tidy up and it is very simple to be efficent.