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Again, inspiration from the books by David and Gertrud: they recommend food that can be made ahead and kept warm without much fuss in the kitchen. This allows the household to concentrate on the warmth and closeness of the rituals.

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Jesus our Savior, You are welcome here. With animals and angels we sing your praise. Fill us with joy for your gifts of love, given to all who hunger and thirst for your salvation. Warm our table with your presence that this meal may be a taste of all good things to come. Through Jesus Christ, the light of the world. But I like the way these ideas have stretched me.

Though I have celebrated Christmas all my life, the rituals made me rethink priorities, change some old habits, and plan ahead for a special evening. The books I mentioned are below. The first is still in print, while the second is available used. Batchelder Augsburg Books, Matthew Kozlowski manages, edits, and writes for Building Faith.