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If you make a list of the leaders that matter to you, I am sure they would all have a lot in common.

Leadership 101: How to Inspire and Empower People to Do Great Things (Intro)

Most would be motivators, communicators and decision-makers. All of them would have passion. A leader grows other leaders.

Leadership Key Steps On How to Become a Successful Business Leader That Employees Respect

Misguided leaders often try to embolden themselves by stifling others. Rather than asserting your authority over a team, empower the group by encouraging their leadership potential.

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A leader knows how and when to follow. Effective leaders surround themselves with smart people who can offer unique solutions and insights.

Leadership 101: Framework for Effective Leadership

Not only does this grow other leaders, it frees you to lead in other areas where you are better suited. A leader shows vulnerability. Allow yourself to be transparent with your concerns. Very small.

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In fact, it consists of myself and one other staff member. However, I fully intend for this team to grow, and I want to establish an excellent team atmosphere, an expectation for top-quality work, and a learning environment, even while it is small. A solid base is crucial for team success.

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Leaders of small teams take the responsibility for both the success of the team as a whole and that of each individual member. This requires an understanding of their roles in the grand scheme of the company, excellent communication skills which I see as good LISTENING skills, with average speaking skills , and the ability to nurture people often allowing others to offer their experience that can contribute to the growth of the team not keeping a death grip on control.

The bottom line is that leading is really rewarding, especially when you see growth and improvement as your team meets deadlines.

Try following these tips and see if team morale and productivity increase. I have a feeling they just might.

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