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Our favorites are the looping fight drills. My students love the way each technique builds on the others and culminates into a mini fight solidifying what they are learning.

The Martial Arts Instructor's Toolbox by Dave Kovar (2012, Paperback)

It has helped with how we teach, my instructors get to watch the other instructors in action and use the same type of energy when teaching classes. It also helped me organize our self-defense techniques for our new curriculum. The Toolbox gives you unlimited, on-demand access to a library of nearly videos that are non-style specific and can be implemented on the spot.

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Receive new, innovative ideas for your instructors to apply right away. Your students will benefit instantly.

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Our customer service and tech support team is here to work for you and your school around the clock to ensure new videos are available each and every week. Our school is more than a workout We're always available to answer questions so give us a call at or drop in! It's a manual to assist "Karate Parents" in making the most of martial arts training for their kids.

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Based on fifteen-plus years of teaching children, the book details the time-tested methods that Sensei Instructors have used for decades to coach children in the mental aspects of martial arts. You can order it here. He has grown from a little boy in a white belt to a confident pre-teen junior Black Belt with help and guidance from the leaders at Defense.

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  • And FUN. Sensei McShane and Master Hesser ensure fitness with fun regardless of the age of the student. They often ask for feedback and suggestions from parents and students to keep things fresh and dynamic.