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The film is about an obsessive quest. The niece of Ethan Edwards Wayne is kidnapped by Comanches who murder her family and burn their ranch house. Defenders of the film point to the famous scene where Ethan embraces his niece instead of killing her. Can one shot redeem a film? It is clear from the way Ethan's eyes follow Martha around the room that he secretly loves her. Living alone with each other for months at a time, sleeping under the stars, what did they talk about?

How could they share a mission and not find common cause as men? Martin's function on the trail is to argue for Debbie's life, since Ethan intends to find her and kill her. The younger man also figures in a romantic subplot awkwardly cobbled on to the main story. He is engaged to marry Laurie Vera Miles , the daughter of friendly Swedish neighbors. There are even musical interludes. Ethan Edwards, fierce, alone, a defeated soldier with no role in peacetime, is one of the most compelling characters Ford and Wayne ever created they worked together on 14 films.

Did they know how vile Ethan's attitudes were? Antonio Moreno. Hank Worden. Beulah Archuletta. Walter Coy. Dorothy Jordan. Pippa Scott. Wayne, Pat.

The Searchers (1956)

Lana Wood. John Ford. Whitney Pictures Company. Warner Bros. Merian C.

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Patrick Ford. Farrell, Lowell J. Wingate Smith. Robert Gary. Frank S. Lemay, Alan.

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Winton C. Alfred Gilks. James Gooch.